Outdoor Infrared Heater Buyers Guide Australia 2022

January 13, 2024


Looking for the best outdoor infrared heater for the next Australian Winter? At Sydney Shade, we’ve got you covered!

An outdoor infrared heater is a terrific way to make your porch, deck, or patio a more comfortable space during the colder months of the year. You can still enjoy cool nights in your outdoor area with radiant heat keeping you warm and cosy when using an infrared heater. There’s a great deal of evidence to suggest that infrared heating, when utilised properly, may help you save a lot of money on electricity. 

Whether it’s for your own home or for your business, investing in an outdoor infrared heater will bring many benefits to your lifestyle. Our outdoor heaters here at Sydney Shade will add warmth to your space, they will also provide the perfect cosy ambiance to compliment your space!

What Is An Infrared Heater?

An infrared heater is a heater that works on energy conversion and the emittance of radiation rather than convection like gas heaters, oil heaters, or electric heaters. Infrared heaters utilise infrared light, which is invisible to the naked eye as it is beyond the spectrum in which we can see. Creating a heat similar to that of the sun, these heaters heat these infrared rays to a comfortable level. This light is then absorbed by the things surrounding it, including objects and people, providing comfort and warmth. It’s important to note that infrared heaters do not heat the air around them, as air cannot absorb infrared lightwaves, the primary way that the warmth from an infrared heater is transferred. This can often mean these heaters are more economical when compared to other models. This advanced method of heating is what sets infrared heaters apart from other heating methods, while also making them practical and effective in heating both large and small areas in a short amount of time, without making the air hot and sticky, allowing you to entertain in peace.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

The heat produced by an infrared heater is similar to that produced by the sun. Infrared models in your home will only warm areas directly in front of it. You may recall that infrared light is invisible because it is outside of the visible spectrum. An infrared heater works like this: Heat is created by light that is not visible to our eyes. Our skin and clothing absorb this infrared light as well as the objects around us, which is how infrared heaters emit warmth. It is like the difference between being directly under the sun and sitting in an area with a shade. You will be able to feel the warmth of the sun if directly exposed to it but if the light is not directly shining on you, the warmth provided is less substantial. This makes positioning your infrared heater highly important and it can take some trial and area before you get it right.

Who Needs An Infrared Heater?

An infrared heater works wonders during cool weather, especially throughout the autumn and winter months in Australia. Most of us enjoy those warm days and cosy warm nights outdoors with our friends and family, but we all know those summer nights don’t last forever!

An infrared heater is the perfect heating solution in almost any situation. Whether you are entertaining guests in your outdoor living space, eating dinner with the family, own a restaurant or business, and are looking to provide heat and comfort to customers, infrared heaters are safer, more energy-efficient, and look more stylish than any other option on the market.

There are various types of infrared heaters that can be used to save electricity costs and heat up large spaces such as outdoor cafes and restaurants, all while being simple to use and effective. It is a safer option than utilising fire pits, a gas heater, or electric heaters which can be all odorous, unsafe for both adults and children as you can sustain serious burns quite easily, and bulky

Best Infrared Heater Australia

Looking for the best infrared heater in Australia? Sydney Shade is the right place as we offer a wide range of different infrared heaters to suit any situation. Due to their capacity to deliver appropriate heat while consuming less electricity, infrared heaters have become extremely popular over the last few years.

Infrared heaters utilise a Tungsten or quartz heating element to help generate the infrared radiation that produces heat instantly. Infrared heaters also make little noise and stay cool to the touch, making them a safer option for families with pets or children. If you want to feel the warmth from a space heater immediately away, or if you want to use the heater in a location where raising the ambient temperature will be difficult, such as a draughty workshop or garage that lets in cool air, choose an infrared heater.

To help you make the most informed decision, we have got a few tips here to help you make the right purchase!

How to Choose the Best Infrared Heater

Most heaters, whether they be gas, electric or oil column heaters generate heat through convection. The air around the heater gradually heats up, eventually collecting below the ceiling, gradually filling the room with warm air. The idea behind infrared heaters is to avoid this method of releasing heat, but rather use infrared radiation to evenly distribute heat to people and objects within line of sight of the heater.

There are three types of common infrared heating products. These include Infrared Panel Heaters, Industrial Infrared Heaters, and the Outdoor Infrared Heater. Here’s a quick guide on which you should pick based on the space you would like to place your heater: 

Infrared Panel Heaters are best used in outdoor settings that are partially protected from the elements as well as any other conventional interior with a standard ceiling height. Ideal for residences, pubs, bars, offices, and hotels. It is also suitable to be placed in bathrooms. 

Industrial Infrared Heaters distribute heat over a greater area and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling for a more subtle installation. These are mainly used when you need to provide gentle warmth for huge indoor spaces like warehouses and factories.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters are designed to keep you warm when sitting outside. Outdoor infrared heaters are great when the generation of heat is needed instantly such as in outdoor commercial settings like restaurants and cafes.

Heat Output 

The size of the space or area that an IR heater will warm depends on its heat output (BTUs) and power rating (watt). Both BTUs are linked to the number of watts used by the heater. To figure out how much power a heater produces, multiply the square footage of the room by ten. For example, a 1000-watt heater is required for a 100-square-foot space (100 X 10 = 1000).

Within the Heliosa range at Sydney Shade, we offer a number of different models that all output a different wattage, making each of them ideal for different situations and settings. We cover each of these options and their advantages below.


There are two main types of infrared heaters: Portable infrared heaters and fixed infrared heaters. Portable Infrared heaters are small, light in weight and can be placed anywhere for heating one area. Fixed heaters are larger and heavier, which is suitable for bigger spaces. Fixed heaters are great as a permanent heating solution for whole rooms or entertaining areas.

Infrared heaters come in a variety of sizes and forms. Infrared heaters can even be incorporated into mirrors, paintings, and murals, and you can even hide them from view on the ceiling. 


You must first measure the space (square footage) that you wish to warm up in order to choose the appropriate sized infrared heater. Most Infrared heaters are compact and portable warmers designed for use in small places. However, powerful devices for warming greater areas are available, but they are bulkier, heavier, and often fixed.

Before purchasing an infrared heater, it’s also important to know how much floor space it can heat. Why? Because the amount of warmth and comfort generated from an infrared heater depends on the model and how it’s installed, whether horizontally (as with ordinary heaters) or vertically (like tower heaters).

Infrared Vs Radiant Heater 

Infrared heaters and radiant heaters are the same things. The term “radiant” refers to the heat created by radiation, whereas “infrared” simply refers to the type of radiation employed. Although “radiant heater” is a more common term in some places, infrared is the sole kind of radiation used to heat your house by both of these types of heaters. Radiant heaters are all infrared heaters.

Infrared and radiant heaters use less electricity. The energy is packed into infrared photons and travels to any location you want to warm. Unlike traditional space heaters, very little energy is spent heating sections of your room that aren’t needed.

Infrared Vs Convection Heater 

Convection heaters heat up the air by utilising a heating element to disperse heat into the air around them, as well as a fan to circulate the warm air. This can include oil heaters. These are ideal for a confined, insulated room with little or no ventilation. However, draughts and open doors make it very easy to lose that heat.

Infrared heaters, on the other hand, are just like the sun. They generate heat by radiation, heating whatever is immediately in the line of sight of the heater. Infrared heaters’ core temperatures are never as high as those of conventional heaters. The heating components are frequently covered by a protective metal casing as well. This implies that animals and children can safely touch the surface of an infrared heater when compared to gas, oil, or electric heaters.

There’s a lot of evidence suggesting that infrared heating, when utilised properly, may help you save a lot of money on electricity. When you have the right-sized infrared heater in the room, it won’t have to work nearly as hard when it’s turned on, and you’ll be able to feel its warmth almost immediately without having to wait for the room to heat up gradually. Because the heater isn’t working as hard and you can manage it properly, there’s less possibility of energy being wasted, and you might save money on your utility bills.  This only further adds to why infrared heaters are the ultimate heating solution. 

 Heliosa 11 – Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater

Introducing the Heliosa 11 Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater, which is a state-of-the-art outdoor heater made in Italy that provides fast, long-lasting, energy-efficient infrared heat. The Heliosa uses cutting-edge heating technology to deliver instant heat and comfort — with full heat in less than a second.

Being the lightest and most versatile in our Heliosa range, this heater comes standard with a short L bracket for either pole, parasol, wall, or ceiling mounting depending on your preference and the environment the Heliosa 11 will be operating in while also offering a large range of heat settings.

With a wattage or power output of 1500Watts, the Heliosa 11 offers a radiant width of 3.5 meters with a radiant range of 2.5 meters, allowing it to heat an area of nearly 9 meters squared.

This makes the Heliosa 11 perfect for entertaining in smaller spaces such as verandahs, small patios, and balconies.

 Heliosa 44 – Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater

If you are looking for a medium-size infrared heater, the Heliosa 44 Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater is perfect. It has a range of mounting and remote control options and is an elegant solution to your outdoor heating needs.

This heater comes standard with a short L bracket for either pole, wall, or ceiling mounting depending on your preference and the environment the Heliosa 44 will be operating in.

With a wattage or power output of 2000 Watts, the Heliosa 44 boats a radiant width of 4.0 meters and a radiant reach of 3.5 meters allowing it to comfortably heat areas up to 14 meters squared!

The Heliosa 44 is ideally suited to heating medium-sized living areas such as standard back decks, BBQ areas, and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Heliosa 66 – Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater

As a high-end product within the Heliosa range, the Heliosa 66 Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater has powerful, high range heat, a range of mounting and control options, and is the ultimate solution to your outdoor heating needs.

This heater comes standard with a short L bracket and can also be purchased with a long bracket, increasing the amount of mounting and remote control options offered by this product.

With a huge emphasis on energy efficiency, the Heliosa range creates an open fire-like ambiance that will completely change your outdoor environment. This saves electricity and maintenance while giving warmth in the most difficult-to-warm areas.

Being the largest of the commercial infrared heaters offered at Sydney Shade, the Heliosa 66 offers the largest coverage when it comes to the amount of space heated. With a radiant width of 5.0 meters and a radiant reach of 3.5 meters, the Heliosa 66 can comfortably heat up to 17.5 meters squared.

This makes it ideal for entertaining larger outdoor entertainment areas including large patios, decks, garden areas, and more!

Infrared heat technology is only becoming more advanced as time goes on. If you are looking for intelligent, practical, energy-efficient, and safe outdoor heaters for the upcoming winter, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Sydney Shade!