Shadowspec Serenity – Single Canopy Rotating Cantilever Umbrella

Our flagship single-canopy model which can be configured with a range of canopy sizes and colours with different mounting options to fit your outdoor space. Contact us for more information and design advice.

Precision Engineered Ambience

  • There are no internal moving parts, pullies, ropes or old-school crank or winding handles in the Shadowspec Serenity™. Just click the ShadowGlide™ handle and slide it up, with one finger if you wish, it’s that easy.

  • The Serenity™ comes fully assembled in one box. Just put it on your mount and attach the canopy.

  • The combination of the gas-strut and patented sliding mechanism allows for the Serenity™ to be deployed or retracted in 3 seconds.

  • The canopies are easy to affix with eight stainless steel hex bolts holding it to the frame.
Outdoor pool umbrella in Wahroonga.
This is the first of the New 3.5m Serenity model we have installed. Very popular Charcoal Tweed canopy.
Very happy customer.

Patent Pending Technology

Shadowglide Serenity 2


Brilliant engineering and a clever collaboration of working parts allow the Shadowspec Unity™ to open in one smooth motion. Use as little as 1 finger to deploy your umbrella in 3 seconds.



The central hub features a built-in LED light that’s easily controlled with an optional smart battery. Perfect for evening enjoyment of the outdoors.

Shadowlift Serenity


The gas-piston assisted lift allows for ease of use and removes the need for internal componentry that can break and ruin your day in the sun.



The integrated wind-protection and umbrella rotation system allows for
all-day protection from the elements and 360-degree rotation of the umbrellas.

Serenity Size and Configuration

The Serenity™ has been designed & manufactured in New Zealand from marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel to stand up in all conditions. Every component has been built to work in total harmony with one another to give customers a premium, effortless experience, every time.

Octagonal - Canopy Size Options


3.5m Diameter


4.0m Diameter

Square - Canopy Size Options


2.5m Diameter


3.0m Diameter

Stock Colour Options





Cadet Grey_Swatch

Cadet Grey



Charcoal Tweed _ Swatch

Charcoal Tweed

Charcoal Grey_swatch

Charcoal Grey



Captain Navy_Swatch

Captain Navy

Trend Colours Summer 19/20*









Full Sunbrella range is available as a custom colour option

*Lead times may vary for trend & non-stock colours.

Serenity Mounting Options

Surface Plate

Surface Plate

For deck, patio and concrete mounting.

In Ground Anchor

In-Ground Anchor

For mounting with a concrete footing.

Wall Fixing

Wall Fixings

For when ground mounting isn't possible.

Portable Base

Portable Base

For complete customised manoeuvrability.

Pavers are required for ballast and are not supplied. Optional castor wheels shown.

Serenity Oct -Rotating - ground mounted

Octagonal Canopy Rotates 360° (Ground Mounted)

Serenity Sq - Rotating - ground mounted

Square Canopy Rotates 360° (Ground Mounted)

Serenity - Rotating - Wall mounted

Square & Octagonal Canopy Rotates 180° (Wall Mounted)

Asset 1
Frame Black
Fabric Black

Customer satisfaction is Sydney Shades' number one priority. This Shadowspec model comes with extensive warranties on both the frame and fabric. This comprehensive guarantee reflects durability and high quality design, and ensures that your umbrella lasts throughout the years.

Photo Gallery From Happy Serenity Customers

Portable Base
Natural White
4.0m Octagonal
Portable Base
Oyster White
2.5m Square
Portable Base
3.5m Octagonal4.0m Octagonal
Surface Plate
Charcoal Grey
4.0m Octagonal
Portable Base
Cadet Grey
3.0m Square
Portable Base
4.0m Octagonal

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