Five Ways Commercial Umbrellas Can be Used

August 27, 2019


If you live in Australia, you’ll know that the sun is harsh and there is a serious risk of overexposure to UV rays. Business owners all over the country need to address this as they don’t want to drive their customers away with hot and unpleasant experiences in the summer heat. 

To provide a better understanding of whether high-quality, commercial-grade umbrellas are an ideal investment for your business setting, this article covers a few of the best ways umbrellas can be used commercially. 

Shopping environments

Sydney is full of marketplaces, shopping centres and malls, packed with people looking for a place to rest as they walk from shop to shop. 

As well as providing a more comfortable shopping experience, high-quality outdoor umbrellas will increase the visual appeal of the shopping environment dramatically, as well as providing marketing/branding opportunities. 

Overall, a comfortable and appealing environment goes a long way to ensure that your customers are happy and want to spend more time in the area . Additionally, you can add seating and other furniture for even more shopping appeal.


Likely the most common use of commercial-grade, heavy-duty umbrellas is within the hospitality industry. Here are just a few examples of businesses that use outdoor umbrellas to transform their services:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

A high-quality umbrella is crucial within a hospitality space, especially in the Australian heat. For example, a restaurant umbrella will enhance an outdoor dining area. A commercial umbrella is great for giving your customers and guests a cool place to eat and drink, sit  and relax, staying comfortable out of the sun. Likewise, in a resort setting, pool umbrellas allow your guests to safely enjoy Summer by the water.

Educational institutions

Children are at a high risk of overexposure to UV rays and sun damage. It is important that educational institutions, such as childcare centres and schools, are responsible and provide a safe environment for children of all ages.

It can only take a few minutes to develop sunburn. An umbrella with a high-quality, UV-rated canopy is a great addition to any educational setting. Wall-mounted or rotating cantilever umbrellas will give the area versatility and functionality, allowing maximum coverage throughout the day.

Sport centres

When it comes to sports centres, a good outdoor umbrella is necessary everywhere; from tennis clubs to golf resorts, and even in swimming centres.  

An inviting, well-shaded area will provide sports players with a place to relax and rest, especially if they are playing outdoors. Keeping your players happy and comfortable will make sure that they come back; there are many  sports centres available, and comfort factors, such as quality umbrella coverage, have a strong influence on customer loyalty.

Public spaces 

Maximised shade coverage is crucial in almost any public space; from parks and playgrounds to walkways and other places of interest. Any outdoor space is prone to both sun and rain exposure; a good shade umbrella will ensure that people are able to enjoy public spaces in most weather conditions .

Local councils will find that multiple cantilever umbrellas can greatly increase the enjoyment and use that people gain out of any outdoor space. 

Choosing a commercial outdoor umbrella 

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